The Benefits of Being an Informed, Rather than a Reactive, Investor

After experiencing the highs and lows of the Investor Psychology Cycle, people tend to become frustrated and tired of speculation. The silver lining is that they’ve reached an excellent mental state to learn about real investing. Simply stated, the most effective way to escape (or avoid) the Investor’s Dilemma is to become an informed investor. If you have a basic understanding of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what the costs are, and what to expect, you’ll feel a greater sense of comfort and confidence. Without that confidence, you’ll likely be driven to make changes that end up costing money and peace of mind. With knowledge, guidance, and an informed investment strategy, you’ll improve your chances of meeting or exceeding your retirement goals.

To build a retirement portfolio that protects and grows your savings so you can use your hard-earned money in your golden years, you will need to develop, with the guidance of your investment professional, a plan that considers your unique issues, and stick to it.