How We Evaluate Your Portfolio

We believe that an investment portfolio should be built on a sound foundation of research, a strategic and closely adhered to financial plan, and rational expectations. Speculation or hunches, and the perpetual buying and selling of stocks, are costly and inefficient. There is no single “right” answer for how much risk is appropriate for a portfolio; each investor has his or her own unique circumstances dictating the level of risk to assume. For that reason, after speaking with you and understanding your goals and concerns, we will evaluate your portfolio to see how it meets your investment needs.

Mutual funds hold thousands of different stocks, and have many hidden costs (expense ratios, turnover, load fees, etc.) that can significantly reduce your returns. There are countless ways to allocate our assets and diversify a portfolio. Additionally, we have seen that portfolios must be rebalanced to maintain the proper asset mix. So how do you know if your current portfolio is right for you? How do you know how close or far you are from where you need or want to be? The answer is that you must take a comprehensive assessment of your portfolio and compare it to the relevant benchmarks as well as other potential options.

The Portfolio MRI

Rosen Investment Management uses a proprietary diagnostic tool called a “Portfolio MRI” to analyze your investments and assess its volatility, total fees, turnover, and diversification. This personalized investment analysis will help you better understand your investments, as well as the costs and risks associated with them. We begin with understanding your personal goals and needs. Armed with this information, we can then analyze how different mixes or styles of investment portfolios may have performed in the past. That enables us to calculate the expected return for your portfolio, and gives us an idea of how well your portfolio meets the goal of providing broad diversification that delivers market returns with reduced risk.