The Complete Estate Planning Portfolio

An Estate Planning Portfolio includes important information that will help you and your family manage your estate and affairs. The following table outlines important components.

Revocable Living Trust With a Revocable Living Trust, your family will avoid Living Probate, Death Probate, and can reduce or completely avoid state and federal estate taxes.
Divorce Protection Trust To ensure that the estate you spent a lifetime building passes to family in your bloodline, a Divorce Protection Trust is put in place in the event that your children and/or beneficiaries go through a divorce.
Trust Property This is simply a list of all the assets owned by the Living Trust.
Pour Over Will A Pour Over Will ensures that upon your death any assets you still hold outside of the Living Trust are transferred into the trust so they can be subject to your wishes as specified in the trust.
Certificate of Trust This is a summary of the most important sections of the trust.
Funding Letters When you transfer assets into your Living Trust, related financial institutions must be informed in writing. Copies of these letters are included in the trust.
Location List for Family When you become sick or have passed away, your family will need to know where all of your important documents are kept. This is a list of those documents and their locations.
Notification Information This is a list of people who should be notified in the event of your incapacitation or death.
Planning Letter This letter outlines your instructions for how your funeral and burial should be carried out. It also lists the distribution of personal items that have sentimental value, such as family heirlooms, photographs, etc.
Durable Power of Attorney If you become unable to manage your affairs due to mental or physical disability, you can give “power of attorney” to someone you trust so they can manage your estate and make decisions on your behalf.
Healthcare Proxy Your Living Trust can stipulate who is authorized to make health care decisions if you are incapacitated.
Living Will If you have a terminal illness that you’re not expected to recover from, your Living Trust can stipulate that life support be terminated.
HIPAA Authorization In order for your Healthcare Proxy to make informed medical decisions, they must have access to your medical records. The HIPAA Authorization gives your approval for your records to be shared with them.