Coordinate Your Financial and Estate Planning

You can do everything right on the investment side and still have problems when you reach retirement because of poor coordination between financial planning and estate planning. Poor financial planning can not only complicate your golden years, but can even cause estate problems after death.

In addition to having an investment strategy and sticking to it, you need an estate plan that will protect your most important assets from taxes, court fees, nursing homes, etc. But if your investment portfolio is dysfunctional, there may not be many assets left to protect. Too many people pay excessive fees and take on too much risk.

It makes no sense to separate retirement planning from estate planning. The elements that are essential to crafting a solid estate plan are the same ones that are crucial to a financial plan: evaluating your objectives, wishes, and family concerns. At Rosen Investment Management, we take a holistic approach, analyzing all the important details of your situation, and integrating asset protection, financial planning, retirement income and distribution planning, long-term healthcare planning, and estate planning.